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Riolio supports customized clothes/labels/Tag/bags.
Riolio is a garment production and processing factory, so we can customize it.
For customized clothes/labels/Tag/bags, Riolio needs extra time to prepare.
General label processing time is 7 days, packaging bag processing time is 10 days, and custom clothing processing time is 30 days.
But this requires additional costs, and custom clothes/labels/bags do not support returns.

Customized Label:https://riolio.com/products/customized-label

Customized Tag:https://riolio.com/products/customized-tag

Customized Packing Bag:https://riolio.com/products/customized-packing-bag


 How does it work?

1. First, you need to place an order in our store.
2. Contact us by any means and send us the style you want to make.
3. We will do physical labeling and photo confirmation for you.
4. Not all products support customization. We will find clothing that does not support customization from your order and send it to you via email.
5. You can decide the processing method that does not support customized clothing (for clothing that does not support customized clothing, we can refund).
6. After confirmation, we will start production and prepare your package.
7. We will notify you when the package is ready to be sent.
8. You receive customized hang tags/bags/clothes.


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