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We Support Paypal Payment
If your order doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, you have 180 days to raise your concerns with Paypal, so Paypal can help you.
If You Don't Trust Paypal
If you do n’t trust paypal, you can buy a small amount of goods for the first time. After completing the first order, you will trust us. Some customers do this. They have become our long-term customers.
Why do you have few comments?
Our customers are wholesale customers, they will buy a lot of goods every time, and will not evaluate each product.
We have tried to invite customers to write reviews, they have no time, and do not want their customers to know that they bought it from us.(our price is very low)
We strongly recommend that you write a review when you buy our products.
Can I have any information about Riolio?
You are welcome to visit our children's clothing factory, which is a real shot of our factory.
We have hundreds of workers, the minimum order quantity is 20 products, support custom logo, brand quality, wholesale price From $0.99.
Welcome to contact us
Our online wholesale website is
Hope the answer is helpful to you.
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