About the Package Missing

When we are ready to ship the goods to you, we will send you an email about logistics information. Please pay attention to check and track the logistics trajectory.
If the logistics tracking shows that it will arrive at your delivery address, it is recommended that you sign at home.
If the logistics tracking shows that you still have not received the goods after receipt, please contact us within 5 days after the receipt is displayed, so that we can track the package information for you in the first time.
The following is our process of dealing with lost packets:
1. You need to call your local FedEx phone number to request an appeal code, and then feedback the appeal code to us.
2. We will feedback the complaint code to the logistics company, and the logistics company needs 1-3 working days to verify the situation. If there is a lack of packages, the logistics company will compensate according to the number of packages. If a receipt is shown on the package, the logistics company will provide proof of receipt.

If the logistics shows that you have not contacted us more than 5 days after signing, we will automatically assume that you have received the package.

Hope the answer is helpful to you.
Riolio service